Monday, 28 October 2013

No Half Measures Here!


How was everyone's weekend?

Mine was great, great, great. I had a few days away in a little beach town, doing yoga, meditation, eating and running. Can you say perfection?

My training run that I didn't do on Friday was done on saturday along with 5 other kms!

My runs for this week

Monday: 7kms
Tuesday: 5kms
Wednesday: 6kms
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 2kms
Saturday: 15km
Sunday: 2.5kms

Total: 37.5kms

Cross training: 6 hours of walking; 2.5 of swimming; 1 hour of yoga.

This week so far has consisted of 8 very slow, painful and hot kms yesterday at about 10am (after my morning job) and 5 very early and joyous easy kms with my puppy this morning, before my morning job. It's supposed to get to 31 degrees by 3pm so I knew it would be too hot to run him then before my night job.

I've decided, that I'm going to do some full marathons next year too, not just a half. If I'm doing half, I may as well do the full right?! I know it will be painful but I think it will be awesome too.

Here are some events I am hoping to do

- 8th Feb 2014: Bussleton Half Marathon

- 13th April Bunbury Full or Half Marathon

- 6th July Geraldton Marathon

- 26th October Rottnest Island Marathon

Also the Perth City to Surf Marathon whatever date that will be.
And there is a Perth trail running series that I would like to do a few races of, from January to March they are :)

So there are atleast 2 Marathons I will do: the geraldton one (my hometown) and city to surf - the anniversary of my first race ever!

Very excited for the future - but for now, focusing on training and studying for my exams coming up!

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