Thursday, 17 October 2013

Long Run Friday...

Hi to anyone reading,

This morning I was up at 4.30 for my long run - today was 15km - 3kms longer than I have ever run before!

I was really nervous/anxious/convinced I couldn't do it. But I did :)

Last night I went and bought a hydration belt. I was going to test it today but the zip on the pouch broke before I even got to put it on! Was pretty disappointed. So I had to just use to spi belt to stuff my chia bars into, held my puffer, phone & headphones in bum pocket for when the going got tough, and had to rely on water fountains along the way, at about 3.5kms, 5.5km, 7kms and then the same when I turn around at 7.5kms.

It wasn't amazing, but it was pretty good. I kept a pretty even pace, with negative splits in the second half. I managed to save my music for the 14km mark and it was an awesome pick me up for the end. My lovely man stayed up late last night putting the music on my phone :) I felt like I got into a bit of a meditative headspace for most of the run. My shins and knees started hurting towards the end so I tried to adjust my form, shorten my steps and increase my cadence a little. Had a cold bath to stick my legs into when I got home :)

Had a some gatorade and took to pup to the park for a play. Came home, had a homemade ice coffee and toast with pb and j, then showered and returned my stoopid belt and got a new one - lets hope this one lasts longer!

Then it was off to get froyo with one of my good friends, yum! Perfect bribe to get a long run done :)

Some views from this morning...

Lunch was a homemade coleslaw and a roast pumpkin, baby spinach and roasted brocolli hommus. Yummo

Dinner will be brown rice, vegetable and lentil dahl and steamed veg.

Will be going for a walk soon with pup

Have a good day everyone

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