Sunday, 13 October 2013


Monday, Bloody Monday.

After half an hour of mozeying around in bed after my 6am alarm, I just got up, did my feet stretches, and then got dressed for my 7km run. Came out to grab all my gadgets. Decided to run with my ipod for a change today.. Got my bum down to the foreshore by around 7am, a little too late for my liking considering today is going to be 24 degrees!

Km 1: Ooh, music, this is fun

Km 2: Need the bathroom. NOW.

Km 3: Stitch, ow

Km 4: Stitch, OWWW

Km 5: Stitch slowly leaving

Km 6: Nearly there. Feeling better. It's hot. Oh my god - I think I forgot something for my assignment. That I handed in last night. Stress stress stress

Km 7: Done THANK GOD

Garmin Stuff

 - Time: 46:0 (cringe)

 - 7.01km

 - Average pace 6:41/km

 - 441 cals

I have no idea why that was so hard. Lets blame it on Monday shall we?

Now it's time for breakfast (muesli, almond milk, coffee); shower, work on assignments, ice my heels, swim, and I will walk the pup later on this afternooon. Oh I'm also re-reading Born to Run.

For about the hundreth time.

I will update later tonight with todays food!

Happy running!

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