Thursday, 24 October 2013

Knowing when to rest.

Hi everyone,

Today, my running plan called for a '10k race'. However, there were no races around here on a friday morning... funny that.

I've been feeling a little sniffly and then I woke up with my heels aching. Then I slept through my alarm. Bah! Sometimes things just don't work out. I iced my heels until they felt better, did some stretches and then went for a big walk with my boy and the pup. Sure, it wasn't an hour of sweating my bum off. But it was good for my soul.

Luckily, I ran monday, tuesday and wednesday, covering 18kms all up. This afternoon I'm going to a yoga retreat, and will be running atleast 5kms a day. So I will still be getting my kms in even if not in one hit. Kms are kms :)

Exams are coming up in a few weeks. So the rest of my day will be studying before heading off for my retreat. Can't wait to be running along the beach :)

My eating has been pretty good - am getting in heaps of vegies, complex carbs. And watermelon. ALL of the watermelon. <3

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