Thursday, 21 November 2013

'Wiggling' like the happy little runner that I am.

Yesterday, I was feeling down in the dumps. Call it exam stress, grieving, who knows.

But then. my wiggle package arrived!

Is there anything more motivating to a runner than new gear? Woo!

So here's  run down of what I purchased and a review of how I have found it so far. Please excuse the endless selfies. My photographer was away!

1. Waterbottle and handheld carrier/strap

I really thought having a water bottle hanging off me would be really annoying. But, it as surprisingly great. It's very comfortably padded and also a small zip pocked which can hold a gel or two. The strap is adjustable so there is no hand cramping trying to hold onto the bottle as you ran. This was only $10 (bottle and holder!)

2. High 5 'Race Nutrition Pack'.

As I haven't really 'raced' seriously as yet, I haven't gotten too serious about gels and chews etc. I usually take homemade chia muesli bars to munch along the way. I have used gummi bears and jelly beans and they have made my stomach hurt. I thought it would be a good idea to try out some gels just in case I ever need to use them in a race, which I probably will. This pack was only $13 and has over 10 gels and over 15 electrolyte powders for mixing up for drinks (the large white water bottle was also included). So one of these gels (raspberry and caffeine) and a chocolate orange energy bar are packed for a trial on tomorrows long run.

3. Capris, t-shirt and cap.

These capris are probably the most comfortable I have EVER worn. They are "Ronhill Ladies Aspiration" capris and were $34. They have a wide waistband so no digging in or discomfort. Stretchy, soft and moisture wicking material makes for a very smooth ride!

The shirt was new Balance Momentum shirt in coral. Super light, flowy and comfortable.

The cap is Orca and has a really think hairband that soaks up sweat like anything and is really comfy. Performs very well is the hot sun!

4. This is the "Nike Ladies Element Shield" jacket. And yes, I know it's nearly summer. But at 40% off it's original price, I felt like it would be a good investment. Obviously I haven't tried this one out yet but so far it feels good.

I also got a back Shock Absorber Max Support Bra. No pictures of that one for you, sorry!

So there you have it! I'm a happy little runner kitted out in my awesome gear. Money so well spent, in my opinion.

Tomorrow I have a long run (15km) and a funeral to go to. Thank god for running it definitely keeps me from needing therapy, lol!

Enjoy your friday tomorrow everyone and the weekend that follows!


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