Sunday, 10 November 2013

What A Juggling Act

Hi to any new readers!

So some background information for those of you who don't know too much about me...

I'm studying a double degree in psychology and criminology and am about to complete my third year. My first exam is tomorrow.

I work as a 'nanny' for a little girl 2 or 3 mornings a week. I have to leave my house before 6am to get there and then I drive her to school for 8.30am.

I also work as a supervisor and cash officer for a supermarket.

The starts of my weeks are usually the most hectic.

Monday mornings I have my nannying job (I usually try to sneak in 5-8kms before or after)

Tuesdays: Nannying job 6am-9am; Supermarket job 4:30pm until 9:30pm

Wednesday: Nannying job in morning. (Usually after this is when I get to relax a little for the week but this week I said yes to babysitting for the same family this night).

Sigh. I know it's not that much work for those of you who work full time, but considering I exercise more than 15 hours a week usually, that in itself is a part time job ontop of my two other part time jobs - and 6 hours of study a day is also meant to be a part time job - some days I'm awake for 18-20 hours!

It's exhausting. Usually around exam time I would take time of work and drop the nannying too. Unfortunately this time I cannot turn down the money, we just can't afford it. We need every cent possible.

My point is - it's a juggling act but my favourite and priority ball is my running - because it shows me that with persistence, I can do things that are hard, that are tiring, that I never thought I could do. It shows me that I'm strong, to keep going when I'm tired, to be brave.

It's my stress outlet which is great because some days I have lots of stress!!!

Today is my last rest day after my half marathon. Will do some puppy walking, swimming and stretching. Tomorrow will be a short run before nannying and my exam.

Well it turns out I dont have to nanny this morning - so I'm off for an early morning walk with the puppy and then I'll hit the books.

Have a great monday everyone!

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